Davenport Vineyards, Castle Hill, Rotherfield, East Sussex TN6 3RR

United Kingdom

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Davenport sparkling Auxerrois 2014


Auxerrois is a grape variety that always attracts interest. It is better known in Alsace than the UK. We grow it at our organic vineyard in Rotherfield, next to the winery. Winemaking follows the traditional bottle-fermented method with 24 months maturation in the bottle. Natural yeast is used for the first fermentation. The wine has a very clean fruit style with subtle flavours of peach and fresh grapes. A really refreshing sparkling wine showing at its peak right now.

Bronze medal winner in the 2017 UK Wine Awards. As it develops with time, the wine is proving far better than even we had expected - tasting completely delicious at the moment. This is a late release of just the last few bottles that we have from the 2014 vintage.