Diamond Fields Pinot Noir 2019

Diamond Fields Pinot Noir 2019


English organic Pinot Noir, grown on a south facing sandy clay soil site. The grapes are 50% destemmed (without cruching the berries) and fermented with natural yeast for a 10 days before pressing. Fermenting juice from the press is moved straight into oak barrels (barrels are between 5 and 20 years old) where it completes fermentation. The wine is then matured in old oak barriques for 9 months before bottling. We bottle without filtration and this wine may have a slight sediment in the bottle.

The 2019 vintage will be remembered for the rain, but our Pinot Noir was picked before the wet weather arrived, giving us perfect riopeness. with flavours of cherries and blackberry, a good dark colour and plenty of depth. It can be drunk now, or kept for up to 3 years to develop more complex flavours and a mellow character. It benefits from opening a hour or two (or more) before you want to drink it.

Total sulphites 67 mg/L