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Organic wines made
in Sussex
Will Davenport, winemaker
Will Davenport started growing vines in Kent in 1991. He is passionate about making wine in the UK and doing it organically.
Please explore the web site to find out more about us and get in touch if you have any comments of questions.
A few things to look forward to:
2020 Pet Nat will be available in April
A new Pinot Noir from our Redmoors vineyard site, a debut vintage 2018, due in the summer
There will be a small amount of Limney Estate released in Magnums
A 2015 Blanc de blancs, 10% oak barrel fermented, due out end of 2021.
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This is something we really care about. So much that it deserves a spot on the front of our web site. Wine is a luxury in life, but making wine can cause unneccesary pollution and use a lot of resources.


Click HERE to read about our take on looking after the environment, organic wine and "natural wine".

What is the difference and what do we do to create the best quality wines without causing damage to our planet Earth?