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English organic Pinot Noir, grown on a south facing sandy clay soil site. The grapes are 50% destemmed (without cruching the berries) and fermented with natural yeast for a 10 days before pressing. Fermenting juice from the press is moved straight into oak barrels (barrels are between 5 and 20 years old) where it completes fermentation. The wine is then matured in old oak barriques for 9 months before bottling. We bottle without filtration and this wine may have a slight sediment in the bottle.

2022 vintage was another good vintage for Diamiond Fields, producing only 2000 bottles. The aromas of raspberry, plum and cherry and a pale red colour mark this lighter style of Pinot Noir. The alcohol level is only 11% making a very fresh fruit driven wine, perfect for a summer day. There is a backbone of tannic structure behind the fruit which will help the wine to mature over the next year or two.


Pinot Noir Early is a natural mutation of Pinot Noir that ripens about a week or two earlier than most Pinot Noir clones. It is naturally low yielding and dificult to grow in the UK.


Total sulphites 45 mg/L

Alcohol 11.18% vol

Diamond Fields Pinot Noir Early 2022

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